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Triple chocolate chip cookies (eggless)

The search for the ideal chocolate chip cookie recipe seems to be a lifelong endeavour, and this eggless version is my current favourite. It’s adapted from the recipe we used in a chocolate-centred baking class I did a few weeks … Continue reading

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A step by step guide to macarons using the Italian meringue method

UPDATED with a new FAQ at the end of the post, compiled from the questions in the comments sections here and on my other macaron posts. Macarons are a quintessentially French pastry – beautiful, delicate, and a bit finicky – … Continue reading

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VEGAN macarons!

I kid you not! And the best part is that they are made with a simple, cheap, easy to find ingredient. No expensive specialty products or trips to the healthfood store required. I stumbled across this recipe for eggless vegan … Continue reading

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Spiced fruit and nut bars

These luscious snack bars are vegan, loaded with fruit and nuts, sweet and spicy and ever so moreish! Makes 12 Preparation 10 minutes Baking 20 minutes Ingredients 125g (1 cup, spooned and scraped) all-purpose (plain) flour 1 1/2 tsp baking … Continue reading

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Treacle flapjacks

While in many parts of the world the word flapjack refers to a type of pancake, in the UK and Ireland, flapjacks are simple four-ingredient oat bars, great for lunch boxes or an after school snack. They can be jazzed … Continue reading

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Brandy snap baskets with chantilly cream and pomegranate seeds

Crisp brandy snap baskets filled with soft, sweet chantilly cream and topped with bright pomegranate seeds are equally at home on fine china at the dining table, or on a napkin at a party. At our friends’ New Year party, … Continue reading

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Triple chocolate pinwheel cookies

Of the 3 young people who live with us, there is one who prefers dark chocolate, one who prefers milk chocolate and one who prefers white chocolate. I try to alternate my baking a bit, in an attempt to keep … Continue reading

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Homemade Monte Carlos

Monte Carlos, two crumbly, sweet coconut cookies sandwiching a double-whammy jam and icing filling, are an enduring childhood favourite for those fortunate enough to be growing up in Australia, and in a moment of nostalgia I set about recreating them … Continue reading


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Turkish Delight macarons

I’m continuing in my quest to create new and exciting macaron flavours, and, once again, taking my cue from something else. I’ve made rose macarons before, but for these ones I wanted actual Turkish Delight to feature. The recipe I … Continue reading

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Condensed milk thumbprint cookies

Nestlé make sweetened condensed milk and have a website loaded with recipes for their products. You’d think they’d be careful, right? Like, in a cookie recipe that is built around one of their most popular products, they’d actually get the … Continue reading

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