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Laufabrauð – Icelandic leaf bread

This decorative fried bread is a staple in Icelandic homes at Christmas, with families gathering together for the day they prepare it. This recipe was adapted from a few I found online, here and here and a video recipe here. … Continue reading

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Sourdough Indian flatbread

Stovetop sourdough Indian flatbreads – easy to make, flavour-packed, light and soft – so much better than store-bought! Typically, Indian naan bread is baked, but pan cooking it gives it a crisp exterior and a moist, fluffy interior without the … Continue reading

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Goat cheese and thyme madeleines

Moist, soft, slightly tangy savoury madeleines to nibble on with a glass of wine on a warm summer evening. These goat cheese and thyme madeleines are so quick to make and bake. And you don’t need a madeleine pan – … Continue reading

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Chocolate hazelnut twist

Sweet yeast dough, slathered in a rich concoction of hazelnuts, dark chocolate, sugar and butter, then rolled and twisted into a swirled ring. Wickedness never tasted so good! I don’t participate in Daring Kitchen challenges nearly as much as I … Continue reading

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Sourdough garlic parmesan pinwheels

Buttery, garlicky, cheesy sourdough pinwheels are my kind of comfort food! They are the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of homemade tomato soup, a plate of creamy pasta or a dish of tasty Mediterranean vegetable stew. Makes 16 Dough: 15 … Continue reading

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Yeasted waffles

Deliciously sweet waffles with a crisp exterior and a light and fluffy interior, this is a breakfast treat that comes together quickly and easily. These are very similar to Belgian Liège waffles, but without the pearl sugar. I also use … Continue reading

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Vanilla ricotta bread

Ahhhh, yep! I’ve joined another cooking club! Not because I don’t have enough things on my to-do list already, but because it’s great to be taken out of your own head, read some new blogs, and get some fresh ideas. … Continue reading

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