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Fresh fig and honeyed goat cheese tart

Oh, happy days! Fresh figs abound in the markets at long last. I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for them and planning this tart ever since I got my hands on a jar of Australian leatherwood honey on my last … Continue reading

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Baked brie with fruit mince

Here’s the first of my fruit mince series, as promised when I made that delicious concoction last week! Just two ingredients and twenty minutes for an absolutely sensational appetiser of sweet, rich, luxurious and ever so creamy indulgence. Ingredients 1 … Continue reading

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Traditionally, ricotta is made by re-boiling the whey from making mozzarella (ricotta means recooked in Italian, just like biscotti means twice cooked – I love a sensible language!) but for a far simpler version, you can make one which is … Continue reading

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Cheese! My first time, I attempted a number of different cheeses with varying degrees of success. These are the best two! First up was mascarpone. We go through a lot of mascarpone and it’s not particularly expensive here, but I … Continue reading

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