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Chocolate cherry ice cream

Dark chocolate and sweet macerated cherries complement each other in this creamy, no-churn ice cream for a luscious summer dessert. With just a few ingredients and no special equipment, you can have a freezer packed with varieties of ice cream … Continue reading

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Summer pudding

We have a lot of visitors coming this summer, all travelling from what will be the depths of the Australian winter to the warm sunshine of the northern hemisphere. And, as always when we are expecting visitors from abroad, I … Continue reading

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Swiss carrot cake

A light, moist, flavourful carrot cake from the Swiss canton of Aargau, which contains no oil or butter, and no flour. Low fat, dairy free, gluten free. It’s practically health food! Makes a 24cm (10″) cake – serves 12 Preparation: … Continue reading


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Zebra pudding

Dark chocolate and white chocolate no-bake egg-less puddings, layered into a cute zebra pattern. Dessert doesn’t always have to be grand or intricate or time-consuming or complicated. Sometimes you just want a sweet, creamy and fun dessert that is super … Continue reading

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Vatnsdeigsbollur – Icelandic cream puffs

I am currently more than just a little bit Iceland obsessed. Going there has been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember, then last summer I finally went, and fell head over heels … Continue reading

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Pear & frangipane tart

An easy yet elegant dessert that combines the best of winter’s pears with the wonderful taste and texture of sweet almond paste. Normally I serve poached pears with spiced syrup and cream or ice cream, but I do love a … Continue reading

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Poached pears in spiced syrup

This winter classic only takes a few minutes of active time, but is an elegant dessert which is a perfect end to a festive meal. And as an added bonus, the long, slow reducing of the syrup makes your home … Continue reading

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Vegan fruitcake

First cab off the rank for my festive baking! Rich, boozy fruitcake is a favourite around the holidays. Enjoy it with a cup of tea on a chilly afternoon, with a warm sweet sauce for dessert or with coffee for … Continue reading

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Candied cranberry cake with cream cheese frosting

I don’t recall ever having seen a fresh cranberry in Australia. Sweet, shrivelled little dried ones, yes, but not fresh ones. They must have been there, but I suspect further south than where I lived in the sub-tropics. When I … Continue reading

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Risengrød – Danish rice pudding

I have been meaning to make rice pudding forever. It was always one of my favourite desserts as a kid, and the Danish variation of sprinkling it with cinnamon sugar and topping it with butter was intriguing to me. I … Continue reading

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