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A step by step guide to macarons using the Italian meringue method

UPDATED with a new FAQ at the end of the post, compiled from the questions in the comments sections here and on my other macaron posts. Macarons are a quintessentially French pastry – beautiful, delicate, and a bit finicky – … Continue reading

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Caramel apple roses

Salted caramel baked right into them! Many moons ago, I was an adherent of the “life’s too short to stuff a mushroom” school of thought in regard to food preparation. Clearly, things have changed a lot in the ensuing years. … Continue reading

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Vanilla bean steamed meringues with strawberries & chocolate sauce

I’ve baked meringue before, and poached it, but until recently, I had never imagined microwaving it. The veil was lifted from my eyes when I saw a gorgeous recipe for re-imagined lemon meringue pie. She uses a Swiss meringue, piped … Continue reading

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Tarte au vin cuit de poires (Swiss-French pear tart)

Vin cuit, as the name does not imply, has absolutely nothing to do with wine… Vin cuit is a Swiss-French specialty – a thick, molasses-type syrup made by slowly boiling down pear (or apple) juice. As far as my research … Continue reading

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Triple-layer ice cream cake

Three ice cream layers loaded with Biscoff spread, dark chocolate and meringue pieces. I had a jar of Biscoff spread sitting in the pantry after picking it up on a whim… in fact, I have a whole shelf full of … Continue reading

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Strawberry curd & cream tartlets

Still no baking around here… it’s just too hot. But there’s only so much ice cream I can stock in the freezer, and I can’t stay out of the kitchen, so a no-bake dessert was in order. The curd for … Continue reading

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Eton mess ice cream

Loaded with crushed meringues and macerated strawberries! It’s too hot to bake. I have a list as long as your arm of projects I had intended to tackle over my summer vacation, but with temperatures hovering around 38°C (100°F), there … Continue reading

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Nectarine gelato with raspberry ripple

A cool and creamy way to enjoy delicious summer fruits. No ice cream maker is required for this, just a bit of fruit preparation, then a few minutes with the hand mixer. It would, of course, work just find in … Continue reading

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Chocolate layer cake

This delicious chocolate cake is all about textures. A crisp, cookie-like base, a layer of gooey jam, a soft, moist chocolate cake, topped with crunchy flaked almonds and granulated sugar. Served with a dollop of whipped cream, or a scoop … Continue reading

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VEGAN macarons!

I kid you not! And the best part is that they are made with a simple, cheap, easy to find ingredient. No expensive specialty products or trips to the healthfood store required. I stumbled across this recipe for eggless vegan … Continue reading

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