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Chèvre with lavender honey

As much as I love it, the time has come for my formerly favourite warm goat cheese salad to step out of the spotlight and make room for this flavour bomb! This version is lighter, because there’s no Gruyère, but … Continue reading

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Nougat de Montélimar

Another one from my bucket list –  French Nougat de Montélimar. Not overly sweet, firm but chewy – just wonderful! After reading literally dozens of different recipes, I settled on this one, which I adapted slightly. I used Acacia honey … Continue reading

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Cannelés à moka

Mocha cannelès made with dark chocolate and Kahlúa. Oh.My.Word. If you don’t have traditional molds, you can use a muffin or popover pan. Make these. Eat them. Swoon. Makes 18 – 20 Ingredients 500ml (2 cups + 2 scant tbsp) … Continue reading

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Cannelés à l’orange

Orange zest and Cointreau give a delicious citrus twist to these custardy little cakes. Happy New Year to all – may your 2014 be filled with love, laughter and adventure. Makes 16 – 18 Ingredients 500ml (2 cups + 2 … Continue reading

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Chocolate macaron cake

Chocolate macaron layer cake filled with chocolate Swiss buttercream and topped with shaved chocolate. What else is there to say? I adapted the cake recipe from here and filled it with a Chocolate Swiss buttercream adapted from here. You can … Continue reading

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Cannelés bordelais

Got myself a silicon cannelé mold. While the individual copper molds look great and give far better results, they are also way more fiddly than silicon. But the silicon won’t take temperatures higher than 220°C (430°F), which is significantly lower … Continue reading

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Gruyère sablés

These addictive, cheesy little French shortbreads make a great aperitif with a glass of dry white wine. The recipe was adapted from the website of an upmarket department store – I generally can’t afford to shop there, but I love … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted to try my hand at puff pastry for ages, but have never been particularly confident with any kind of pastry and each time I read a recipe it just seemed too involved, but it actually turned out to … Continue reading

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Browned butter, brown sugar madeleines

Here’s my second batch of madeleines. Browned butter and brown sugar give them a delightful caramel flavour. I tried a variation in the method too, slightly heating the egg and sugar mixture, which I’d read about in several recipes. I … Continue reading

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Basic madeleines

My project for this month is to perfect madeleines, those soft little French tea cakes baked in the shell-shaped pans. I started with plain ones because I wanted to get the method right before I tackled more complicated variations of … Continue reading

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