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Chocolate and vanilla swirl mini panettoni

I am completely enamoured with festive breads. So much Pandoro and Panettone get devoured round here every year that I can barely keep up supply. This year, I picked up a pack of gorgeous little pandoro basso molds and my … Continue reading

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Roasted tomato arancini – baked, not fried

These delicious rice balls are almost entirely prepared in the oven, leaving your hands free to do other things. Baking the arancini also significantly reduces the amount of oil, without compromising on flavour. They are a bit softer than fried … Continue reading

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Penne with spicy eggplant & tomato sauce

This spicy eggplant & tomato pasta sauce is mouthwateringly good! Although they are a wee bit spendy, I prefer caper berries over capers, which are the flower buds. I find they’re less acid in taste so I tend to be … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – potato and rosemary schiacciata

As I had an Italian dinner planned, it was a perfect time to try a Tuscan schiacciata. I kept it simple with olive oil and rosemary and adapted a recipe from here. Thin, crisp crust + the most gloriously soft, … Continue reading

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Arancini are balls of risotto stuffed with whatever takes your fancy, then crumbed and fried. We make risotto once a week, so, instead of making a special batch with the challenge recipe, I just made a double batch of my … Continue reading

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Struffoli are traditional Neapolitan Christmas fare, but they are perfect for any festive occasion. Little deep fried dumplings drenched in honey syrup. Luscious! Serves 6-8 Ingredients 260g (2 cups) all-purpose (plain) flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 3 large eggs 15g … Continue reading


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This recipe was slightly adapted from one my very favourite baking books, Carol Field’s The Italian Baker. Because it is made in so many stages, I’d recommend reading through the whole recipe first, then dividing it up to suit your … Continue reading

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Fave dei morti al cacao

Fave dei morti (Beans of the dead) are an Italian cookie traditionally eaten in early November, so I’m a bit late. After reading lots of other recipes online, I was surprised to see quite a big variation in ingredients and … Continue reading

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Sfogliatelle frolle

  These took me two days to make, starting with the ricotta and filling on day one, then the pastry on day two to accommodate chilling times and lack of space. Making your own ricotta for the filling is optional, … Continue reading

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These yeasted biscuits (cookies) are another sweet treat from the beautiful book of traditional Venetian dessert recipes that my mother gave me and they are a speciality of the island of Burano. Like all “traditional” recipes, a search of the … Continue reading

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