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Zaleti (a.k.a. gialletti)

On a recent visit, my mum brought me some wonderful souvenirs from her trip to Italy – cookbooks! One of them was a beautiful little book called “Traditional Venetian dessert recipes” (I had no luck finding it on the publisher’s … Continue reading

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Baked cannellini balls 3G actually likes these ones! I keep trying new recipes on him, but he is so fussy about texture, of all things… he asks for the leftovers of these super-healthy balls! Makes about 30 Ingredients 2 x … Continue reading

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Parmesan focaccia/biscotti

Holes! It’s got holes! 🙂 Crispy crust, soft and chewy interior, super-cheesy flavour and beautiful holes! *sigh* It’s the little things in life that make me smile! Of course, there was no way three of us could finish this loaf … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – parmesan grissini

Long, low baking makes these bread sticks super crunchy. The delicious tang of the sourdough and sharpness of the parmesan mean they pair perfectly with a cold beer! Makes 24 thicker or 32 thinner sticks Ingredients 200g warm water 440g … Continue reading

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Traditionally, ricotta is made by re-boiling the whey from making mozzarella (ricotta means recooked in Italian, just like biscotti means twice cooked – I love a sensible language!) but for a far simpler version, you can make one which is … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – schiacciata alla Fiorentina

I’ve got a week off work for the winter break and wanted to try something new. I’d seen a couple of recipes for this orange scented Florentine carnival cake recently and wanted to make it, but being someone who can’t … Continue reading

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Cheese focaccia

I frequently make a Focaccia di Recco to accompany soup, but this time I decided to change it a bit with a yeasted dough. The result was a deliciously chewy bread, filled with gooey melted cheese.The original recipe calls for … Continue reading

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Wrapping up the December baking marathon with panettone! Unfortunately, this first attempt didn’t go so well… try this one instead… Seeing as it didn’t really work, I’ll just give you a serving suggestion. Toasted panettone with Grand Marnier zabaglione Serves … Continue reading

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The seasonal bake-fest continues with another Italian classic, pandoro. This fluffy, golden sweet bread comes from the northern city of Verona, home of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the Taming of the Shrew and the Two Gentlemen thereof. It is traditionally … Continue reading

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This cake is a specialty of the city of Siena in Italy. It is wonderfully dense, packed with fruit and nuts bound together with a sticky honey caramel. I slightly adapted a recipe from melangery but you can substitute the … Continue reading

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