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Cheesy brioche dinner rolls

Crunchy crust, soft and fluffy interior with a rich, cheesy, buttery flavour. Mmmm, yes please! We are carboholics around here. Bread, pasta, potatoes, pastry, pizza… In fact, my kids could happily live on pasta and pizza entirely. Okay, we do … Continue reading

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Chèvre with lavender honey

As much as I love it, the time has come for my formerly favourite warm goat cheese salad to step out of the spotlight and make room for this flavour bomb! This version is lighter, because there’s no Gruyère, but … Continue reading

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Barbecue marinated tofu steaks

I’ve been experimenting to get myself out of a tofu rut lately, stepping away from the usual Asian flavour profile, and decided to try something completely new to us. I don’t recall having eaten barbecue sauce for many, many years … Continue reading

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Chunky potato salad with creamy tofu “mayo”

I’ve always wanted to try making mayonnaise from scratch but have been scared off by having to use raw egg yolks. I know in some parts of the world you can buy pasteurised eggs, but not so in this town. … Continue reading

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Lunchbox pizza pinwheels

Edit: Just noticed I’d typed the wrong baking time! Fixed now! 3G makes his own lunch for school, but after a month of watching him make PB&J sandwiches every day, I decided he needed something a bit more substantial. These … Continue reading

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Chèvre chaud (warm goat cheese salad)

Chèvre chaud is a traditional lunch, appetiser or light dinner in France. There are as many variations of the dish as there restaurants that serve it, but the chèvre is usually served on slices of toasted baguette, although sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Mushroom Ragout

I came home from doing the grocery shopping today with a big tub of the freshest mushrooms. I’m a sucker for anything in the “reduced” section, which also explains the several eggplants and zucchinis that are now sitting in the … Continue reading

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