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Chèvre with lavender honey

As much as I love it, the time has come for my formerly favourite warm goat cheese salad to step out of the spotlight and make room for this flavour bomb! This version is lighter, because there’s no Gruyère, but … Continue reading

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Tahini yoghurt sauce

Another dressing I made for last month’s Daring Cooks challenge… but forgot to post! And yes, I’m late for this month’s, but I’m hoping to get it done soon! Disorganisation is the theme of my week. This tahini sauce goes … Continue reading

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Chunky potato salad with creamy tofu “mayo”

I’ve always wanted to try making mayonnaise from scratch but have been scared off by having to use raw egg yolks. I know in some parts of the world you can buy pasteurised eggs, but not so in this town. … Continue reading

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Chickpea & roasted vegetable salad with tangy za’atar yoghurt dressing

Za’atar can refer to a specific herb, but it commonly refers to a condiment – usually a blend of herbs, white sesame seeds and salt. The one I use just has sumac, thyme and sesame seeds and it is delicious … Continue reading

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So, you remember that Tuscan saltless bread? Yep, I spent 2 days making a loaf of bread just so I could let it go stale in order to make a salad. I tried different breads, but they went soggy. I … Continue reading

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Roasted sweet potato salad

Long time, no blog! I have been cooking, lots, but somehow I never get around to taking pictures of anything. Sometimes – more often than not, in fact – I just forget. The other problem is, I don’t create versions … Continue reading

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