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Chickpea, couscous and beet salad

There is nothing better on a warm summer evening than a big bowl of salad. This one is loaded with goodness, it’s full of fresh flavours and a variety of textures. This salad goes really well with a drizzle of … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – brioche dinner rolls

  A little lighter than their traditional counterpart, with fewer eggs and less butter, these sourdough brioche dinner rolls have a thin, crisp crust, a cloud-soft interior and a rich, buttery taste. They pair perfectly with a bowl of homemade … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – cheesy cornbread waffles

  These were great served with red bean chilli, guacamole, sour cream, spring onions and tabasco! Ingredients 150g (1 cup) fine cornmeal or polenta 115g (1 cup) grated mature cheddar cheese 1 tsp baking (bicarb) soda 1 tsp salt 1/2 … Continue reading

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Cheese & herb waffles

3G, hubby and I went to Bruges (Brugge) in Belgium for a long weekend last month and had a fantastic time wandering around the old town, trying countless Belgian beers and recreating scenes from the movie “In Bruges” (without the … Continue reading

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Chunky potato salad with creamy tofu “mayo”

I’ve always wanted to try making mayonnaise from scratch but have been scared off by having to use raw egg yolks. I know in some parts of the world you can buy pasteurised eggs, but not so in this town. … Continue reading

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Chickpea & roasted vegetable salad with tangy za’atar yoghurt dressing

Za’atar can refer to a specific herb, but it commonly refers to a condiment – usually a blend of herbs, white sesame seeds and salt. The one I use just has sumac, thyme and sesame seeds and it is delicious … Continue reading

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Flatbreads with greek yoghurt & cumin seeds

Do you make things exactly the same way every time? Sure, some stuff stays the same because it just works, but things with added flavours or possibilities for switching ingredients always get switched in my kitchen. This occurred to me … Continue reading

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