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White bean and rapini soup

A rich and peppery soup to fill your belly and warm your bones. We eat soup for dinner at least once a week and I’m constantly trying out new combinations of vegetables. Rapini (broccoli rabe, cime di rapa or whatever … Continue reading

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Greek-style yellow split pea soup

A silky smooth soup for chilly evenings. I had this recipe in my ancient, hand-written cookbook under the name of “Fava”, but a little research has shown that that particular dish from the island of Santorini is actually a purée … Continue reading

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Garlic soup

Garlic – in my opinion, humankind’s greatest culinary discovery. The unassuming little bulb is the start of so many wonderful dishes, or in this case, the star ingredient. Garlic soup takes many forms, particularly in European cuisine. This version is … Continue reading

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Sourdough garlic parmesan pinwheels

Buttery, garlicky, cheesy sourdough pinwheels are my kind of comfort food! They are the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of homemade tomato soup, a plate of creamy pasta or a dish of tasty Mediterranean vegetable stew. Makes 16 Dough: 15 … Continue reading

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Cheesy brioche dinner rolls

Crunchy crust, soft and fluffy interior with a rich, cheesy, buttery flavour. Mmmm, yes please! We are carboholics around here. Bread, pasta, potatoes, pastry, pizza… In fact, my kids could happily live on pasta and pizza entirely. Okay, we do … Continue reading

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Sourdough adventures – brioche dinner rolls

  A little lighter than their traditional counterpart, with fewer eggs and less butter, these sourdough brioche dinner rolls have a thin, crisp crust, a cloud-soft interior and a rich, buttery taste. They pair perfectly with a bowl of homemade … Continue reading

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Potato, leek & spinach soup

One last soup for the season. We love leek and potato soup, but I needed to clear out the freezer to defrost it, so the frozen spinach had to go. It makes a fantastic addition to this soup, bringing a … Continue reading

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Roasted cauliflower & broccoli soup

The markets are full of lovely fresh spring vegetables now, but some nights are still cool enough to indulge in soup so we’re packing them in while we can. I always feel like a bit of a yo-yo at this … Continue reading

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Sopa de Tomate Extremeña

I made a fairly basic stock, but you can add other vegetables, pulses or herbs according to taste. And to save time, you can do as I did and make the stock the day before – then you only need … Continue reading

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Roasted tomato and garlic soup

Between the chilly, wet (almost) Autumn weather we’re having at the moment and an utterly annoying wisdom tooth (why do they even exist?!) I had a hankering for soup. Simple, flavourful, comforting tomato soup. Serves 4 Ingredients 12 large, ripe … Continue reading

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