Cookies and macarons

cookies & macarons


Basler Läckerli
Breakfast cookies
Browned butter almond cookies
Brown sugar foaming milk cookies
Brown sugar whoopie pies with dulce de leche buttercream
Caramelized white chocolate cookies
Caramel oat bars
Chocolate cherry cookies
Chocolate Hazelnut Crinkle Cookies
Chocolate salame
Christmas macaroons
Condensed milk thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam
Custard cream biscuits
Fave dei morti al cacao
Homemade Monte Carlos
Jammie Dodgers
Maple oatmeal lace cookies
Nutella sugar cookies
Peanut butter & chocolate cookies
Piped shortbread cookies
Spelt sugar cookies
Stracciatella cookies
Toffee chip cookies
Treacle flapjacks (oat bars)
Triple chocolate chip cookies (eggless)
Triple chocolate pinwheel cookies
Vanilla “ice cream” cookies
Zaleti (a.k.a. gialletti)


A step by step guide to macarons using the Italian meringue method
Cherry ripe macarons
“Creme egg” macarons
Custard cream macarons
Eggnog macarons
Hazelnut chocolate macarons
“Hot cross” macarons
Lavender macarons
Lemon macarons with lemon-lime curd
Mocha acai macarons
PB&J macarons
Piña Colada macarons
Pumpkin spice macarons
Red velvet macarons with ermine frosting
Rose macarons
Sesame seed & honey macarons
Snickerdoodle macarons
Strawberry macarons
Turkish Delight macarons
Vanilla bean macarons with raspberry buttercream
Vanilla bean macarons with salted caramel
Vegan macaron shells
Very berry macarons