Like all food bloggers, I strive to master the art of food photography… not always successfully, but I’m learning… and along the way, I’ve bought a pretty good camera and a range of lenses. Now, I know full well that having expensive equipment does not a photographer make. On the other hand, I do think it has helped me overcome some of the limitations of a very basic point-and-shoot.

But it seems such a waste to have all that gear stashed away in a cupboard and only brought out on baking day! So I’ve been taking it out of the kitchen and trying to do new and different things (for me). Travel and flowers, mostly… and I seem to have developed a thing for windows.

This page is not just to share holiday snaps with you, though! It’s also a way for me to be inspired to stretch myself and pizzarossa in new directions. I visit my blog every day, and seeing that link in the menu bar should provide the nudge I need. *fingers crossed*

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, critiques or whatever, please feel free to use the comments sections on each page. xxx

All creatures great and small
Bruges (Brugge), Belgium 14-16 June 2014
Windows (not the computer kind!)
Ireland, August 2014
Wales, August 2014
Iceland, summer 2015

More to come very soon!

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