All creatures great and small

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 photo benedict_the_bee_zpsa8aaecd8.jpg
This in Benedict the Bee, who hitched a ride on our rental in Wales for half an hour.

 photo porpose_wales_01_zps8338607c.jpg
Porpoise in Wales!

 photo snowdonia_wales_01_zpsc10d9593.jpg
Snowdonia National Park, Wales

 photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_02_zpsdd012499.jpg  photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_03_zps6271d346.jpg  photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_04_zps38814042.jpg
Seagulls at South Stack Lighthouse, Wales

 photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_05_zps291e1e0f.jpg  photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_07_zps7a955d96.jpg
South stack Lighthouse, Wales

 photo connemarairelandsheep_zpseba7a004.jpg
Connemara, Ireland

 photo arctictern01_zpsfyjlpawj.jpg  photo arctictern02_zpspy6bsgpz.jpg  photo arctictern03_zpsx1bdggvc.jpg
Arctic tern, Reykjavik, Iceland

 photo puffins02_zpsi1bzmkee.jpg  photo puffins03_zpsywnmdxqr.jpg  photo gull amp puffin_zpstofeppmg.jpg
Puffins (& gull), Iceland

 photo bee on yellow flowers iceland 01_zpsjcipsrso.jpg  photo goose iceland_zps0jxwvqb9.jpg
Reykjavik botanical gardens, Iceland

 photo lazy_seals_01_zps06xc5e8f.jpg
Lazy seals, Iceland

 photo horses 01_zpsdffpouqx.jpg  photo icelandic horses 02_zpsffqghivm.jpg
Icelandic horses

 photo seagull dalvik harbour 01_zps4gk0bqsh.jpg  photo seagull dalvik harbour 02_zpsotbrguwt.jpg
 photo seagull dalvik harbour 03_zpsmpbmnnik.jpg  photo seagull dalvik harbour 04_zpss7zh2rsm.jpg  photo seagull dalvik harbour 05_zps6humog8z.jpg
Seagulls in Dalvik harbour, Iceland

 photo whales 01_zpsfujfxg9t.jpg  photo whales 02_zpsg9c1m4ey.jpg  photo whales 03_zpsbdrsxmd5.jpg

 photo whales 04_zpskwwnafzs.jpg  photo whales 05_zpspoiwybe1.jpg  photo whales 06_zpszgxpkntw.jpg

 photo whales 07_zpsgfxrhziw.jpg  photo whales 08_zps6t8uhdal.jpg  photo whales 09_zps1duk0tjh.jpg

 photo whales 10_zpsb6z0bbfv.jpg  photo whales 11_zpskmoxy0p8.jpg  photo whales 12_zpsdfibsxk6.jpg

 photo whales 13_zpsvgs6jd3p.jpg  photo whales 14_zpsw3dverla.jpg  photo whales 15_zps8eoqlvh4.jpg
Humpback whales in Eyjafjörður, Iceland

 photo waterfall 02 hengifoss sheep_zpsdowgeums.jpg
Eastfjörds, Iceland

 photo jokulsarlon seal 01_zps7lmw4zyr.jpg  photo jokulsarlon seal 02_zpso6motoig.jpg
Seals at Jökulsarlon iceberg lagoon

 photo dead bird 01_zpsloeoawgc.jpg  photo dead bird 02_zpssxbhlkjn.jpg  photo dead bird 03_zpsonefnsmf.jpg
Dead gulls on the black sand (the are prey of the Skua)

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