Bruges (Brugge), Belgium 2014

Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions.

 photo brugge_canal_01_zps42c78840.jpg
They don’t call Bruges “The Venice of the north” for nothing!

 photo brugge_clocks_01_zps642be4cf.jpg  photo brugge_clocks_02_zpsdebb2f68.jpg
The garden of a cafe by a small canal.

 photo brugge_gnome_01_zps33a05767.jpg
Not sure exactly what this says about Belgian football fans…

 photo brugge_plaza_01_zps0aa0d95a.jpg
The main plaza.

 photo brugge_skyline_01_zps948ac1a0.jpg
Gorgeous old buildings are everywhere.

 photo brugge_madonna_01_zps2ce7ba10.jpg
The Madonna of Bruges by Michelangelo in the Church of Our Lady.

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