Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions.

 photo anglesey_wales_03_zpsc501857e.jpg  photo south_stack_lighthouse_anglesey_wales_01_zpsc9781cbb.jpg  photo ross_castle_killarney_county_kerry_ireland_03_zpse5a4edc0.jpg

 photo ross_castle_killarney_county_kerry_ireland_02_zpsf9a85952.jpg  photo ross_castle_killarney_county_kerry_ireland_zpsf5003730.jpg  photo kylemoreabbeyirelandgarden05_zpsd417cd5b.jpg

 photo kylemoreabbeyirelandgarden04_zps9783eca4.jpg  photo kylemoreabbeyirelandgarden03_zpsff6221ed.jpg  photo kylemoreabbeyirelandgarden02_zpsb2e87939.jpg

 photo kylemoreabbeyirelandgarden01_zps44765e66.jpg  photo kylemoreabbeyirelandfuchsia_zps6e36b8a9.jpg  photo connemarairelandwildflowersinthebog_zps0ac65e65.jpg

 photo white flowers iceland 05_zpsjhsl6mao.jpg  photo pink flowers iceland 04_zpsasx3keop.jpg  photo pink and yellow flowers iceland 01_zpsdke1aqim.jpg

 photo purple flowers iceland 03_zpsxajxdgwz.jpg  photo purple flowers iceland 02_zpsxjzxzoqh.jpg  photo yellow flowers amp bee iceland 01_zpsqjrutibs.jpg

 photo white flowers iceland 04_zps4aqw4lal.jpg  photo white flowers iceland 03_zpsphtegx9l.jpg  photo purple flowers iceland 01_zpsfw1qucts.jpg

 photo pink flowers iceland 02_zpsf1jccqhn.jpg  photo red flowers iceland 02_zpsh17glre9.jpg  photo pink flowers iceland 01_zpstucdadr4.jpg

 photo white flowers iceland 02_zpstk2xokre.jpg  photo red flowers iceland 01_zpsd4dzgvux.jpg  photo pink flowers iceland 03_zpshgx6mu16.jpg

 photo white flowers iceland 01_zpsnvtg9fon.jpg  photo blue flowers iceland 01_zps5nd2zrdh.jpg  photo fluffy icelandic flowers_zpsnmicbflj.jpg

 photo hverir flowers 01_zpsqcgfiwmh.jpg  photo glacier flower_zps9exsnk7h.jpg

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