Iceland Summer 2015

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There is a slideshow of all my Iceland photos (including the animals & flowers) here

 photo 01 reykjavik old and new_zpsrchkqgh3.jpg  photo 02 reykjavik01_zps1zw1cmye.jpg

 photo 04 reykjavik all dressed up for the pride parade01_zpsphtnddio.jpg  photo 03 reykjavik02_zpsljdbvppw.jpg  photo 05 reykjavik all dressed up for the pride parade02_zps8aar0heb.jpg

 photo 06 snaefellsjokull_zpsiwu34fuz.jpg
Snæfellsjökull seen from Reykjavik

 photo 07 eldbord crater_zpsif0jx4ap.jpg  photo 08 saxholl_craters_zpsfkacn0jn.jpg
Volcanoes – we climbed several

 photo 08a surfs_up_zpsxgaibml5.jpg  photo 09 big gorge little stream_zps6zupwdq2.jpg  photo 10 hellnar01_zpsy87hyb0e.jpg  photo 11 hellnar02_zpsj1xryvic.jpg
Around the Snæfellsjökull peninsula, western Iceland

 photo 12 north iceland_zpsnuqvsfzs.jpg
Northern Iceland – we stayed in the brown cottage on the lakefront

 photo 13 dalvik harbour 01_zpspialqjbx.jpg  photo 14 dalvik harbour 02_zpsuoe1mx4d.jpg  photo 15 dalvik harbour 03_zpshfcdopto.jpg
Sailing out into the fjord from Dalvik Harbour

 photo 16 hverir00_zpsgsu6bgfc.jpg

 photo 17 hverir01_zpsvvfemppx.jpg  photo 18 hverir02_zpsgh3nqotx.jpg  photo 19 hverir03_zpsnhb66ua3.jpg

 photo 20 hverir04_zpselvmedjn.jpg  photo 21 hverir05_zpsczbrsfqp.jpg  photo 22 hverir06_zps8h6yhyqo.jpg

 photo 23 hverir07_zpsxzo51wru.jpg  photo 24 hverir08_zpsfghimipp.jpg  photo 25 hverir09_zpstw9n8rsk.jpg
Hverir – the geothermic area near Myvatn

 photo 26 egilsstadir - seydisfjorder mountain pass 01_zps54cxkezg.jpg  photo 27 egilsstadir - seydisfjorder mountain pass 02_zpsbgq7mlks.jpg

 photo 28 egilsstadir - seydisfjorder mountain pass 03_zpszlipmpql.jpg  photo 29 egilsstadir - seydisfjorder mountain pass 04_zpswg3ljz2y.jpg  photo 30 egilsstadir - seydisfjorder mountain pass 05_zps4ke94meq.jpg
The mountain pass between Egilsstaðir & Seyðisfjörður, eastern Iceland

 photo 31 seydisfjorder 01_zpskscxfmmg.jpg

 photo 32 waterfall 01 near hengifoss_zpsbleepcgs.jpg  photo 33 waterfall 02 litlanesfoss 01_zpsalzbj4xi.jpg

 photo 34 waterfall 03 hengifoss 01_zpsbrkgbfxa.jpg  photo 35 waterfall 03 hengifoss 02_zpsiwnqolzm.jpg  photo 36 waterfall 03 hengifoss 03_zpssyulqdbz.jpg

 photo 37 waterfall 03 hengifoss 04_zpsl44lt9cl.jpg  photo 38 waterfall 03 hengifoss 05_zpsqum5vlnj.jpg  photo 39 waterfall 04 Seljalandsfoss_zpsxprimaao.jpg
Waterfalls – the hike to Litlanesfoss & Hengifoss, eastern Iceland, and at Seljalandsfoss, southern Iceland

 photo 40 glaciers 01_zpswbg6kgs3.jpg  photo 41 glaciers 02_zpskbb9ae5d.jpg  photo 42 glaciers 03_zpsupelgrvn.jpg

 photo 43 glaciers 04_zps9foshjig.jpg  photo 44 glaciers 05_zpso95z3lrv.jpg  photo 45 glaciers 06_zpsvxj3paa6.jpg

 photo 46 glaciers 07_zpsivmer6df.jpg  photo 47 glaciers 08_zpsm9e3zwt4.jpg  photo 48 glaciers 09_zpslgk0iznb.jpg
Glaciers, Vatnajökull National Park

 photo 49 jokulsarlon 01_zpswacc2mtc.jpg  photo 50 jokulsarlon 02_zpsqih15ryw.jpg  photo 51 jokulsarlon 03_zpslcsfnhgp.jpg

 photo 52 jokulsarlon 04_zpszlrbkppl.jpg  photo 53 jokulsarlon 05_zpsncmvziel.jpg  photo 54 jokulsarlon 06_zpsrgdmmsff.jpg

 photo 55 jokulsarlon 07_zpsy8o8mtjo.jpg  photo 56 jokulsarlon 08_zpsoc9kwshm.jpg  photo 57 jokulsarlon 09_zpsswflco3j.jpg

 photo 58 jokulsarlon 10_zpscnmydh2e.jpg  photo 59 jokulsarlon 11_zpswsfabyns.jpg  photo 60 jokulsarlon 12_zpsojd8q5nx.jpg

 photo 61 jokulsarlon 13_zps6rhvfq0g.jpg  photo 62 jokulsarlon 14_zpsevadzors.jpg  photo 63 jokulsarlon 15_zpsq9ditllt.jpg

 photo 64 jokulsarlon 16_zpsa3thfzbk.jpg  photo 65 jokulsarlon 17_zps8zs3cmyn.jpg  photo 66 jokulsarlon 18_zpslfgtpmut.jpg
Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

 photo 67 iceberg beach 01_zpsbrcmlrzk.jpg  photo 68 iceberg beach 02_zps0ezizq77.jpg  photo 69 iceberg beach 03_zpsawaz1e53.jpg

 photo 70 iceberg beach 04_zpskyo3w7kh.jpg  photo 71 iceberg beach 05_zpshakd707p.jpg  photo 72 iceberg beach 06_zpsgpal4lpa.jpg
Icebergs on the black sand beach at Jökulsárlón

 photo 73 Hveragerethi 01_zpsr2024pqz.jpg  photo 74 Hveragerethi 02_zps7drivvqu.jpg  photo 75 Hveragerethi 03_zpsb0eolzcv.jpg

 photo 76 Hveragerethi 04_zpsgtlhhtk0.jpg  photo 77 Hveragerethi 05_zpswn7sy5ex.jpg  photo 78 Hveragerethi 06_zpsgzhxbnzr.jpg

 photo 79 Hveragerethi 07_zpscdswjvh2.jpg  photo 80 Hveragerethi 08_zpsp7bjakie.jpg  photo 81 Hveragerethi 09_zpsm4fdckhk.jpg
Hveragerði, south-western Iceland

 photo 82 THORNingvellir 01_zpscwdlafpj.jpg  photo 83 THORNingvellir 02_zpswt631qtw.jpg

 photo 84 THORNingvellir 03_zpsts46v4f4.jpg  photo 85 THORNingvellir 04_zps0glw5njj.jpg  photo 86 THORNingvellir 05_zps6s1t03kk.jpg

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