Ireland, August 2014

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 photo roscommoncastleroscommonireland_zps6987a16b.jpg
Roscommon Castle

 photo abbeyknockmoyireland_zps8395c6ad.jpg  photo abbeyknockmoyireland02_zpsec289ef2.jpg
Abbey Knockmoy

 photo connemaraireland_zpsbdb093eb.jpg

 photo the_burren_ireland_zpsf4619a53.jpg
The Burren

 photo gap_of_dunloe_county_kerry_ireland_01_zps0a75c178.jpg  photo gap_of_dunloe_county_kerry_ireland_02_zps60b76524.jpg
Gap of Dunloe

 photo killarney_national_park_county_kerry_ireland_01_zps0660b16f.jpg  photo killarney_national_park_county_kerry_ireland_02_zps3c3dff7e.jpg
Killarney National Park

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